Mallorca Xtrem 25k SUP Race

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It took place March 24-25th

A very nice event in the spanish Islands of the Baleares, saturday was a long distance race, 25km in open ocean that turned out to be almost a downwind.

It has been fun, perfect organization.

The long distance race was a 2stars eurosupa elite 12’6, I had to battle against Fabrizio Gasbarro from Italy and finally won the race, top 5 are :

1 Eric Terrien(Bic Sport/Select) FRA : 2h33’42?
2 Fabrizio Gasbarro ITA : 2h35’09?
3 Belar Diaz ESP : 2h38’20?
4 Leornad Nika ITA : 2h38’36?
5 Peter Bartl AUS : 2h47?55?

For the riders who didn’t want to race the 25km there was a 10km “Leisure race” along the coast.

All in all it has been a great event and I am looking forward t next year, it is also a perfect destination for those travelling with there family as the hotel where most uf us stayed is good value and it is the meeting point for the event and just in front of the finish line.

Sunday I runned a SUP clinic, we talked about the race of the day before, technique, gear etc… then we went for practive in the water. I was very surprise to see that most of the local riders from Mallorca already have a very good looking technique, no doubt that we will see lot of them getting up to the best SUP race podiums in the futur.