Namur, Chicago World Series and Maui !

I am now in… Hawaii !!

After resting for a week in Fuerteventura I got back on the road for the Namur SUP race in Belgium.

The race was part of the Happy Summer Festival, it was a long distance with the course set in the middle of the city, we could hear the spectators cheering during the whole race, it has been awesome.
There was also a huge party, blob jump, slacklines, Outrigger Canoes… and when we thought we saw it all an aircraft made an appearance and 8 skydivers jumped to land just in front of us, what a show !

I have won the race followed by Yohann Cornelis, Martijn Van Deth, Fabrizio Gasbaroo and Peter Bartl.

On monday we were teaching a SUP clinic in Cologne (Germany) with Belar, lot of fun !

After that we just drove down to France, I took a plane from Marseille to Madrid (Spain) and another one to Chicago for the Stand Up World Series.

I suffered from the heat, from the jet lag, from the trip and from the whole season of racing and I was not in my best shape.
But these are not excuses, I had great expectations for this race but I realised I have weaknesses I need to work on… And I will. We are all improving and it is hard to get to the top, I got 5th in sprints, 4th in long distance and 5th overall (after loosing the tiebreaker heat for the 4th place) and I am happy with that, I will train hard to do better next time.
Results are Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Ryan Helms, Slater Trout, Eric Terrien, Jake Jensen etc…

and I am now in Maui !
I have been doing a few Maliko runs already and today Monday I am resting.
I’ll put some updates soon, either here or on my facebook page.