SUP Workout : 4mn Tabata

During summmer I’ve been competing hard in the Euro Tour and Euro CUP, I’ve been traveling a lot and I’ve had lot of fun sharing knowledge and experiences during the Alpine SUP Camp in the Alps and 3 days of SUP workouts in Denmark.

Back in Fuerteventura, I’ve made this video about a cool workout that includes what I believe are the basics of SUP.

It is a 4mn “Tabata Style” workout, meaning you give it all during 20secs and rest 10 secs, 8 times.

What I was looking for with this workout is to show how in just 4mn we can mix exercises to improve strength, balance, cardio, speed and have fun !

Before starting any HIIT or Tabata workout you need to have a goood warm up.

– 1st 2nd exercices are Tail Turns. Walk back on the board and make it turn as fast as possible during 20secs. rest 10secs and do the same thing turning the other way. It will make your heart rate go up and improve your balance. Very important training for bouy turns.
=> remember to look in the direction you want to turn. It will help to have your upper body in an efficient position for turning. Don’t look the nose of you board, don’t look your paddle.

– 3rd exercice is jump in the water, get back on the board, jump again on the other side. It will improve your coordination, balance and strength. Very important practice to help you recover faster when you fall during a race.
=> to get back on the board think about pulling the board under your body instead of your body over the board.

-4th exercice is a full out 20sec sprint. Go as hard as you can. This is a good practice for starts and top speed.
=> Even when you’re out of breath, keep focusing on technique, a good technique is what makes you go fast.

– 5th and 7th exercises are very technical and physical. The goal is to make a long turn using the paddle in the inside of the turns. Very important practice to improve control of the board with side wind or paddling with many people around us.
=> stay strong on your feet. Use legs and feet to control the board and drive the nose towards the paddle.

– 8th exercise is another 20sec sprint. By that time if you’ve correctly done the previous excercices you must be close to exhaustion and feeling the full effects of the Tabata Fun !

Take a good rest (2-5mn) before continuing with your workout and/or starting another set.

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