Flat water SUP Foil

This month I had the opportunity to take off and fly SUP foils on flat water. One was a double foil prototype by RODS Hydrofoils and the other is the Go Foil Maliko. The first is a “race” set up, with a longer board, the seconde is my usual SUP foil set up, on my 7’4 Bic SUP.

When posted on social networks there have been many positive comments, but also a tipical comment that I will discuss here : “It looks like it is hard work for not much”.

So yes, it is a lot of hard work, I sure agree with that. But it is far from being useless. What we see here is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities with SUPfoils. 1 year ago we had no idea where SUPfoil was going. Today we know “normal people” SUPfoiling. 1 year ago it doesn’t seem possible to do long distance downwinds on foils. Today we are doing it. Today we think that SUPfoils are too much work for not much on flat water. I want to answer that “wait for one more year ;)

The question is “will the next generation of SUPracers will be foilers ?”. Some of them for sure.

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