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Flat water SUP Foil

This month I had the opportunity to take off and fly SUP foils on flat water. One was a double foil prototype by RODS Hydrofoils and the other is the Go Foil Maliko. The first is a “race” set up, with a longer board, the seconde is my usual SUP …


SUP Foil : La progression

Quelques mois après mon post SUP Foil : Un point de vue de débutant il était temps d’en rédiger un nouveau sur …


Back from Fuerteventura

it took my 4 days and 3200km to drive back to France from Fuerteventura with all my favorite toys ! I’m now …


Happy new year 2016 !

Happy 2016 ! I’ve already had so many good sessions on the new 2016 BicSUP. My favorites are the new 12’6 Tracer …