Downwind Training : Connecting Bumps

I had some good downwind runs recently in France. Water is cold, weather s dark and rainy, but the bumps are just as good as on the Maliko run !
Here is a slowmo sequence of Sunday’s run, from Pointe St Gildas to Pornic with west wind.

Short sequence in slow motion connecting a couple of bumps on a 2016 Bic SUP 12’6 WS
It’s hard to see, but I don’t go too far back on the tail unless when the bump is very steep. Most of the time I want to keep the board as flat as I can on the water so it follows the slop.
Before getting into a big bump, if there is not too much initial speed, the tail is lifted up and the nose can be under water. It will come up naturally by getting speed. it is a key moment when the focus, to make the nose pop up, must be on accelerating, and if it’s not enough, step back. Same as surfing. If step back before accelerating, it is very likely that the board will not stay on the bump.

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